Thursday, September 30, 2010

                                     MATH UNIT 1 REFLECTION
It was boring for me because I didn't really like as much as my other class mates did.So I tried my best and I think it came out pretty good.I know that some problems were hard for me,so I circled them.I think I should keep working on the things that were hard for me to do.Also I should find interesting things in math like The Super Whammy Problems so my class can get cubes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The gold fish man told Ma and Ba about the time he met the man of the moon. He started by saying "When I was 18 grandma LoLo told me next week I am going to die",but on the same night grandma LoLo told me to make some sweets and wine.Then she told me to walk north and I would see the old man of the moon sitting on Never Ending Montain, sit next to him,put down the food and wait until he talks to you.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


In the story "Where The Mountain Meets The Moon" Minli's father Ba loves telling his daughter old folktale stories about the Jade Dragon and the Old man on the moon. The Old man knows answers to life's questions so Minli sets out on a journey to find the Old man to see if he can change her family's fortune. Along her way Minli comes across some magical creatures including the Dragon who becomes a good friend and travels with her on her journey.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


One day  my mom woke me up to tell me her friend called and ask if she'd like to take me to Sesame Place. Her daughters day care had a planned trip on that day.So my mom and I showered, got dress left the house and walked  to the day care center, because it was only a few block's from my house. At first I wasn't excited because I thought it was only a place for babies,but once I got there it was totally AWESOME. The ride didn't take very long either it was only a 2 hour ride on the bus down to Pennsylvania. Even my mom had a BLAST she couldn't get enough of the water slides,and the lazy pool where we had to sit in a inner tube and glide around the pool. It was late when we returned home, my mom felt sick on the bus and threw up once we got in the house,I felt so bad for her while she was puking her guts OUT........